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Crystal Bohemia

Chandeliers Original Bohemia Crystal

bohemia crystal chandelier trimmings

The magic of traditionaly high-gloss trimmings of Bohemia Crystal has been known since 1724. Only cut crystal glass can refract day and artificial light into the whole sphere of visible rainbow spectrum. In this way it differs from the chandeliers made of glass and glass acrylates which crystal only imitate.

Worldwide known luxury trimmings Bohemia Crystal are made of lead crystal, which provides high gloss and refraction of light on the color light spectrum. Trimmings are cut by brilliant cut into facets as a diamond - it creates brilliance and sparkles to its surroundings with the color spectrum. Cut crystal surfaces have the ability to reflect light, which creates interesting shapes and brightens the whole interior.

Crystal chandelier with trimmings Bohemia Crystal does not lose on value in time, quite the contrary. The chandelier is something unique and unrepeatable and will be always admired. It will give to your interior elegance and representativeness.

The popularity of crystal chandeliers is stable and not subject to fashion trends. From time immemorial crystal chandelier reflected the social status of its owner.