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Chandeliers Preciosa

PRECIOSA continues the uninterrupted glassmaking tradition that began in the Crystal Valley in 1548 and is complemented by modern technological processes. Perfectly clear glass - crystal, changed the glass industry all around the world and so from the Czech kingdom became a glass power.

Throughout the Crystal Valley, many glassworks grew and customers around the world demanded more and more quality Czech products. When the tradition passing from father to son ceased to be sufficient, in Kamenický Šenov in 1856 was established the first glassmaking school in the world ever.

PRECIOSA is improving its products with ever-more advanced technologies. As early as 1956, the Research Institute of Glass and Jewelery was founded in Jablonec nad Nisou, which is nowadays an integral part of Preciosa as a development workplace. This created a unique creative center designed for applied research and testing of new technological processes. It is thanks to this center that the boundaries of the use of Czech crystal and modern lighting have moved and will continue to move.

Products from czech glass and crystal, through which the story began, have earned in nearly five centuries their loyal friends and followers on all continents and in all corners of the world. We will be glad if you become a part of our rich story. A story full of glitter, glow and inspiration...