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Discover thousands of luxury products online - chandeliers, carpets, mirrors.

Welcome to the online store with the largest offer of chandeliers and crystal lamps, Persian rugs made in Iran. Choose from a wide range of high quality luxury products. Take advantage of our professional help so that you can find and achieve the right and elegant lighting in your home or apartment. Whether you choose a light fixture or a chandelier for the living room, a light fixture with a ceiling for the kitchen or an elegant lamp from the bedside table in the bedroom, discover a new style for yourself and choose from our rich offer. Classic crystal lighting fixtures definitely do not belong only to castles and historical buildings. More and more often they are becoming a decoration of modern interiors, regardless of whether they are concrete new buildings, attic apartments, modernized panel apartments, renovated urban apartments or log cabins. An advantage is undoubtedly the fact that crystal lighting fixtures excel in a minimalist interior where they are an important contrast element. 

Crystal lighting fixtures record the rise of popularity.

Modern crystal lighting fixtures represent an exceptional decorative element, which at first sight impresses with its design. Crystal trimmings can create beautiful lighting effects in the room and give the interior a specific charm. That is why the popularity of crystal lighting fixtures continues to grow. 

Crystal chandeliers now - from candle to LED lighting fixture

Forget the chandelier your grandmother had at home. Thanks to the new technologies and production processes, our technologists and designers are able to imprint to classic lighting fixture new sparkle and charge and, in general, to take it "in a different way" - modern. And what type of bulb to use in the crystal chandelier? Even in so classic product you can use LED bulb without any worries.

Led bulbs undoubtedly made the biggest jump for the last time. They have the longest life and maximum efficiency. That the LED bulb does not fit into the classical crystal lighting fixture? Maybe that was the case, but it is not true anymore. Today you can choose an appearance that imitates a classic candle, even with a flame. LED bulbs can greatly enhance and light up the beauty of crystal. In our chandeliers we use 4W LED bulbs. Consider, for example, such a standard large, eight-bulb lighting fixture. With 4W LEDs, the chandelier will have a 32W consumption. The washing machine consumes 425W for 3 washings, plasma TV 344W for 3 hours.